Hervey Bay Lifestyle

Walking on the beach at sunset in Hervey Bay

What is Hervey Bay like?

That’s a question that I often hear people ask … they might have read about Hervey Bay in a magazine or they’ve seen advertising for Hervey Bay on billboards or the television but they want to know what Hervey Bay is like from someone who lives here.

Sometimes the easiest way to describe a place is to compare it to somewhere else and many people use that technique to describe Hervey Bay but that can result in a fairly negative view of this beautiful town.

For example you could try and compare Hervey Bay to the Gold Coast but you would have to tell people that Hervey Bay doesn’t have the high-rise apartments right on the beach front. Hervey Bay doesn’t have the night life either and we certainly have fewer restaurants and none of the theme parks that people will find on the Gold Coast.

Obviously we’re a little quieter than the Gold Coast.

If you try to compare Hervey Bay to the Sunshine Coast then again, we don’t have the surfing beaches and we don’t have some of the interesting tourist attractions that you will find down there. Steve Irwin didn’t set up his theme park in Hervey Bay and we don’t have all the trendy little shops like Noosa.

You could always try and compare Hervey Bay to somewhere like Agnes Waters and The Town of 1770 but then we have much more to offer tourists than either of those towns has. You couldn’t really compare us to Bargara either because … well there’s almost nothing to do in Bargara while there are plenty of things to do in Hervey Bay.

So instead of comparing Hervey Bay to anywhere else let’s just say that Hervey Bay is unique in it’s own way.

a bridge over the lake at the Botanic Gardens in Hervey Bay

We have plenty of four to five star accommodation and much of that is just across the road from the beach You will find that they all have comfortable rooms with air conditioning, free undercover parking, and great views and they have all been designed for family accommodation.

Yes, Hervey Bay does have a beach … a very long one … that just happens to be one of the safest swimming beaches in Australia.

Hervey Bay is protected from the big surf that rolls in on the beaches on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts by Fraser Island so we have no big breakers and rips are uncommon.

The beach in Hervey Bay during winter

Just a moment ago I mentioned Fraser Island and that is one of Hervey Bay’s biggest tourist attractions. No matter where you stay here in Hervey Bay the staff at your accommodation will be able to book you onto one of the great guided tours that go across to Fraser Island seven days a week.

The tours will show you all of the magic that is Fraser Island and you will be dropped back at your accommodation after a day that you will never forget.

There are plenty of other things to do here in Hervey Bay too.


  • Camel Riding
  • Beach Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Charter Fishing
  • Sailing cruises
  • Museums and Aquariums
  • Water Slides
  • Sky Diving
  • Jet Ski Tours
  • Family Bike Hire
  • Wind Surfing
  • Kite Surfing
  • A beautiful botanical gardens to stroll through and of course there’s the …
  • Whale Watching on the calm waters of Hervey Bay.

Anyone who wants to tell you that there’s nothing for tourist’s to do in Hervey Bay is delusional. This place has plenty to offer tourists regardless of what they want to do.

And who said that Hervey Bay didn’t have some fine cafes and restaurants? We have some great places to dine that won’t break the bank but will cater for every taste.

There are places to dine and places to stay that will suit every budget and every family and that’s the true secret of Hervey Bay … this is an outstanding family destination at any time of the year.

You and your family will have a great time in Hervey Bay so what are you waiting for?