Healthcare in Hervy Bay

The population of Hervey Bay covers a wide range of age demographics and so healthcare in Hervey Bay is arranged to meet the needs of the entire population.

A medical precinct has developed around the main hospital in Hervey Bay but not everything is totally centralised and you will find healthcare services spread through the community

Doctors in Hervey Bay

There are quite a large number of doctors … general practitioners … spread throughout Hervey Bay from Urangan to Eli Waters and even in some of the outlying villages.

Many of these general practitioners are organised into group practices and some of these practices still bulk bill all patients. Despite the time pressures that are put on doctors who bulk bill there has been no decline in the standards of general practitioner healthcare in Hervey Bay.

Unfortunately, despite the number of doctors in Hervey Bay it can be difficult to get an appointment and some surgeries are no longer taking new patients.

Specialists in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay has resident and visiting medical specialists that provide treatment for a wide range of health issues.

There are a few areas that are not covered and it then becomes necessary to travel to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast for treatment. The State Government does provide financial assistance for travel in some circumstances and you should contact the Hervey Bay Hospital for further information.

Hervey Bay also has several specialist Oncology services that provide treatment and care for patients facing the challenges of cancer.

Hospitals in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay has one public hospital and two private hospitals.

The public hospital provides everything from outpatients care through to medical treatment and surgical procedures.

One private hospital, St Stephens, provides a full range of medical and surgical services while the other small private hospital only provides specialised surgical procedures.

Hospital patients in Hervey Bay can be transported to larger hospitals in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast if more specialised or complex treatment is required.

Patients who need to be transferred to those larger hospitals are usually flown to those larger hospitals by helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft.

Home-care Nursing

The range of options for healthcare in Hervey Bay also includes home nursing with mobile nurses who visit on a daily basis. Home-care nursing options range from patients with relatively simple needs right through to palliative care patients whose requirements can be quite complex.

Hervey Bay is a town that is constantly growing with new people moving in to this area every day. That means that the need for more healthcare in Hervey Bay is growing too and fortunately, both the public and private healthcare sectors are growing to meet that demand.

Page updated on 24th May 2021