Hervey Bay Weather

For many residents the Hervey Bay weather is one of the big attractions of this beautiful part of Queensland. Average temperatures range from a minimum of 10C in July to a maximum of 30C in January.

However you should note that those figures are averages … right now as I write this it’s February and for the last few days the maximum temperature has been over 30C and it has been very humid.

Humidity and Tropical Cyclones

Humidity in Hervey Bay can be high during summer and from November to March we face a threat of tropical cyclones. However we are far enough south that the threat of those cyclones is less  compared with the coast further north and Fraser Island seems to protect us from some of the rough weather that occasionally comes our way.

Storms and Rainfall

While Hervey Bay does not face the same threat of tropical cyclones as other parts of the Queensland coast we do see a relatively large number of electrical storms between November and March. Most of these storms seem to occur late in the afternoon and during the night.

The heaviest rain  generally falls in February although there is some variation on that year to year. Hervey Bay is generally free from flooding although sometimes there is some nuisance flooding in low lying areas and if you’re thinking of buying a house or land in Hervey Bay or the surrounding areas it’s always wise to check flood maps.

Average Temps and Humidity for Hervey Bay

Season Maximum Minimum Humidity
Dec – Feb 30 20 71%
Mar – May 28 14 70%
Jun – Aug 23 10 62%
Sep – Nov 27 13 62%

The end to another stunning day in Hervey Bay

With a climate like we have here in Hervey Bay it’s no wonder so many people move here to live.