Photographing Hervey Bay

If you’re interested in photographing Hervey Bay then you certainly have plenty of beautiful spots to choose from and this page will help you find those spots.

While there are pages on this website dedicated to sunrise and sunset photography here in Hervey Bay this page will look at some of the most photogenic spots when the sun is up. Of course you might think that we’re only going to be looking at spots along The Esplanade because what else is there to photograph but the beach?

Well there certainly are some great spots along The Esplanade but we’ll give you some suggestions that are away from The Esplanade too.

The Esplanade at Pt Vernon
At first glance the view from the bluff that roughly runs from the intersection of The Esplanade and Flinders Street through to the intersection of The Esplanade and Mant Street Point Vernon may look rather plain … and it does.

There’s a lot of water and there’s not much scenic value in that but the view changes when there is a storm brewing over on Fraser Island because that’s what is just beyond the horizon. Storm clouds and their reflections can completely change the view from there and if there is a storm about then a drive up to that area could give you some great photos to take home.

The Scarness Pier
You will see mention of the Scarness Pier on the Sunrise page and it’s a good place to get some great beach photos when the sun is up. If the beach isn’t crowded take a walk out on the pier, or along the beach, and shoot back towards Enzo’s café, add a little editing magic to your photos and it’s easy to think that you were looking at some South Sea Island trading post from a bygone era.

If you’re in town when the Power Boats are here then Scarness Pier is a great place to get some photos of the action but make sure you have your telephoto lens with you and get there early. The competition for a good spot on the pier can get a little rough.

The Torquay Pier
This is another great place to get some interesting photos and if you’re there early in the morning when the local outrigger club is heading out for some training you can get some great action shots without the need for a telephoto lens.

To find the Torquay Pier look for the Hervey Bay Sailing Club on The Esplanade in the Torquay shopping precinct, park your car in their carpark and then walk around between the Club and the playground and you can’t miss it.

The Groin at Shelly Beach
It’s an unusual name for a spot that becomes even more unusual if there is a strong breeze blowing. If you haven’t encountered a Groin before then perhaps the best way to describe it is to suggest that it’s like a pier but the area below your feet is entirely filled with rocks etc.

The Groin is located at the intersection of the The Esplanade and Margaret Street and shooting from there will give you some great beach shots and, when the tide is in, jet skis and power boats come in quite close too.

The Groin is quite safe to walk on, and it’s wheelchair friendly too. There’s also a sturdy fence that runs around the edges so you won’t fall off. And it’s that fence that makes it that little bit more unusual if there is a wind or strong breeze blowing because the Groin sometimes sings to you as the wind blows through the wires in the fence.

Urangan and the Urangan Pier
The Urangan Pier is probably the most photographed pier in Australia. Few amateur photographers come to Hervey Bay and then leave without at least one photo of Urangan Pier. If you want to add a photo of Urangan Pier to your collection then start at the intersection of The Esplanade and Elizabeth Street. From there all the way down to the shops there are plenty of great vantage points that will give you a clear view of the Pier.

There is also plenty to photograph out on the Pier too. It’s a great fishing spot and you will see some very serious fishers of all ages trying their luck along the length of the Pier.

Boats, yachts, barges etc. entering or leaving Urangan Boat Harbour often pass quite close to the Pier so you could be lucky and grab some interesting boating photos too.

The view over the marina from Cafe Balaena
The Urangan Boat Harbour shot from Cafe Balaena

Urangan Boat Harbour
The Urangan Boat Harbour is another great place for photos and you can even get some great shots while you’re sitting at Café Balaena having anything from a beer to a cup of coffee.

There is limited access to some parts of the Marina so you can get up close and personal to some interesting working and leisure boats and you can also walk out to the entrance to the Boat Harbour and photograph a wide range of vessels as they enter or leave.

It’s a good place to photograph the whale boats as they take another load of excited tourists out for a few hours of whale watching.

Dayman Park
If you want to get above the action then Dayman Park is the place to go.

It’s right beside the water and is one of the higher spots in Hervey Bay so you will get a good view out across the water and down to one of the smaller beaches here in Hervey Bay.

You will also see quite a few boats of varying sizes entering and leaving the Urangan Boat Harbour from this vantage point.

You can see more about Dayman Park by following this link.

The Botanic Gardens
The Botanic Gardens are located in Elizabeth Street Urangan and a wander through the gardens, even without your camera, is something you should do.

A secluded Japanese Garden is a feature of the Botanical Gardens and, as you expect, there are some great spots for photography within the Japanese Garden.

You can see more about the Botanic Gardens by following this link.

Remember to look up
So many people go around with their heads down and their focus on what is on the ground in front of them. If you’re out and about photographing some of the vistas in Hervey Bay don’t forget to look up and to focus on more than what is just in front of you.

Throughout the year Nature puts on some incredible displays using nothing but the blue sky and some clouds so look up and enjoy all of the scene and include some clouds in your photos too.

Night Photography
If you want to try your hand at some night photography there really is only one place to go and that’s down to the intersection of Elizabeth Street and The Esplanade at Urangan and of course you’re going to be shooting the Urangan Pier.

You won’t even need a tripod to support your camera because the sea wall is broad enough to support any camera.

You may not see anything special in the lighting but your camera may see things quite differently so don’t leave without taking a photo just because you think that the visual impact is less than you had hoped for.

When you download your images you might be very surprised at what the camera did see and did capture.

A little patience and knowing the right spots will give you some great results when you’re photographing Hervey Bay.