Photographing Hervey Bay Sunsets

The days in Hervey Bay are framed by incredible sunrises and equally incredible sunsets and here are some of the best spots from which to shoot those sunsets.

However, you should be aware that from some of these spots you will see plenty of colour in the sky for quite a lengthy period but if you’re heading for Gattakers Landing then be aware of the time and the official sunset time.

And don’t be put off from taking photos around Hervey Bay if all you have is a small and inexpensive digital camera. One of our friends uses a camera like that all the time and her results are outstanding … far better that the results of many who use big cameras and cumbersome tripods.

So let’s start at the eastern (southern) end of Hervey Bay and work our way west (north) and if that sounds a little confusing then I should tell you that the coastline around Hervey Bay faces north.

Urangan Pier

The entrance to Urangan Pier is located in the park at the corner of Charlton Esplanade and Pier Street, Urangan.

This is one of Hervey Bay’s famous icons and with a length that extends over a kilometre there are plenty of places that give you a good opportunity to shoot the sunset. We generally aim to be around 150 to 250 metres from the land-end of the pier.

Sunset photo taken from Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach
There is a very small car parking area here … just remember to leave the emergency access gate clear. At this spot you can shoot from the area around the top of the emergency ramp or you can head down onto the beach.

You’ll get good results from the top of the bank and much better results from down on the beach.

Be sure to check the tide times though because this part of the beach is often completely submerged at high tide.

Gatakers Landing Restaurant
Perhaps the most civilised way to get a great sunset shot is to take it from Gatakers Bay Restaurant. Order a glass of your favorite wine, and then sit back on the veranda and wait.

When the sun does begin to set you will get some great shots through the trees and some great atmospheric shots if you choose to use your wine glass as a prop.

I’ve achieved some good results at this spot with nothing more than my mobile phone … and a glass of wine.

There are plenty of other locations that you may find that will give you the view to capture some great Hervey Bay sunset shots but these three locations are good places to start.