Dive Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is well known around the world as the whale watching capital of Australia and the gateway to Fraser Island. However Hervey Bay is a less well-known destination for those who want to explore below the surface.

Diving in Hervey Bay has much to offer the enthusiast. There are plenty of interesting wrecks to explore out on the artificial reef; there are certainly plenty of fish to see, the waters are relatively calm and free of dangerous currents and everything you could want to see is only a short boat trip out into Hervey Bay.

All that makes diving Hervey Bay an enjoyable experience for new divers and more experienced divers too.

For a preview of what you’ll see when you dive Hervey Bay and some history of the wrecks that are out there for you to enjoy and GPS marks have a look at Hervey Bay Downunder – it’s a great resource for anyone who’s thinking of diving in Hervey Bay and it’s been compiled by someone who has spent many years exploring beneath the surface of the Bay.

Even if you can’t go diving in Hervey Bay but would like to experience the wonders of the waters beneath the Bay go over to Hervey Bay Downunder and check out the DVD they’ve produced. It will take you down into the beautiful world beneath the Bay.