Boat Ramps in Hervey Bay

If you’re bringing your boat with you on holiday so you can go fishing then you will need to know the locations of the boat ramps in Hervey Bay.

You will also need to know the best times to use these boat ramps and whether there’s much parking available or not.

Sadly not all boat ramps in Hervey Bay were created equal but with the help of this page you will find the best one for you.

Burrum Heads

Approximately 30 minutes drive north of Hervey Bay is the small town of Burrum Heads.

The town is located at the mouth of the Isis River so you have the option of fishing in the river or heading out into open waters.

Burrum heads is served by three boat ramps that are available for use at any time of the day. Two are shown on the map while the newest boat ramp is accessed from the park / car park area at the end of Burrum Street.

It is a double ramp with excellent parking for vehicles and trailers.

The original boat ramp is located at the end of Burrum Heads Road. It is a single ramp with very limited parking available in a fairly confined area.


About 15 minutes north of Hervey Bay is the even smaller town of Toogoom located on the shores of Hervey Bay.

The boat ramp at Toogoom is a single ramp located at the end of Toogoom Road. It is available for use at any time of the day.

Parking around this boat ramp is very limited and space to park a vehicle and trailer can be hard to find.

There is one warning we need to mention about this ramp. It is located at the very end of the main road into Toogoom and at night it is poorly lit .

This means that you should take care because people have been known to miss the side streets and turning area and drive straight into the water.

Now we’re moving into the main Hervey Bay township.

Gatakers Bay

At the end of Pt Vernon is Gatakers Bay Foreshore Reserve and the Gatakers Bay boat ramp is located between the reserve and the Gatakers Landing Restaurant.

The easiest access is via Mant Street.

The boat ramp is usable at any time of the day and there is plenty of parking for single vehicles as well as vehicles and trailers.

Aplin Street

This boat ramp is accessed via the reserve at the intersection of Charlton Esplanade and Aplin Street in Point Vernon. It’s so small that it doesn’t even show up on the usual map view but you can see it to the right in the satellite view.

It can only be used for anything bigger than a canoe around high tide and there is very limited parking available.

Hervey Bay Sailing Club

Here is another boat ramp that can only be seen in satellite view, it is accessed from the Hervey Bay Sailing Club’s car park off Charlton Esplanade in Torquay and you can see it to the left of the club house.

This ramp is only available around high tide and it may not be available at all during sailing club regattas.

There is a small amount of parking for vehicles and trailers in the car park.


The Urangan boat ramp can accommodate 2 launches at a time but it is the busiest boat ramp in Hervey Bay.

Access to the ramp is via the car park at the end of Buccaneer Drive and Jeffrey Street and it is available 24 hours a day.

There is a large car park that can accommodate vehicles and trailers adjacent to the ramps but this area does fill up quickly.

River Heads

Around 30 minutes drive south of Hervey Bay is the small town of River Heads.

The town is located a short distance from the mouth of the Susan and Mary Rivers and if you follow Ariadne Street / North Esplanade out of the town you will come to the River Heads Ferry Terminal and a short distance further on, around the tip of the point, is the River Heads Boat Ramp.

This ramp is available at all times and there is plenty of parking for vehicles and trailers. However, this is a popular spot and the parking areas fill up quickly.

There is an old boat ramp still in place where the Fraser Island barges come in but this has been closed to the general public and should definitely be avoided.