Superboat Racing in Hervey Bay

The Australian Offshore Superboat Championships are held at six different locations along the east coast of Australia and Round 6 is currently held in Hervey Bay each year.

That puts the final race of the season right on the water here in Hervey Bay in late November each year and the racing is always spirited.

Although the title says “offshore”, when these superboats race in Hervey Bay you can see all the action from the beach. You’re so close that most people don’t even bother with binoculars.

If you want to get a little closer to the action then there are always two or three of the whale boats that are set up to take spectators out to watch the racing.

Take your camera with you

The boats moor in the middle of the course, usually near the start / finish line and so you can watch the racing from both sides of the boat.

It’s a great way to get close to the superboat racing action and photograph it too, and you don’t even need a telephoto lens … although, if you have one, bring it along because you will be able to get some even better shots.

The photos on this page were taken without a telephoto lens during the final round of the 2015 series. We went out on the Spirit of Hervey Bay and these photographs were taken from the middle deck.

It was a great day and my partner, who did bring her telephoto lens, got some great shots, and we would definitely go again and not change boats. The crew on Spirit of Tasmania were great, morning tea and lunch were included in the price and we enjoyed ourselves.

Need accommodation?

If you are going to come up to next year’s Superboat Championship event then make sure you book early because affordable accommodation becomes scarce that weekend.

Maritimo at full throttle on the water in Hervey Bay